Meet the Perth Surface Solutions Team

Perth Surface Solutions is a pressure cleaning and sealing company in Perth Western Australia that offers a wide range of services to the residential and commercial sectors.

We take residential and commercial cleaning seriously and aim to satisfy beyond client expectations. To aid with that, we provide a wide range of pressure cleaning, sealing and stain removal for all types of surfaces.

If you want your surfaces restored to look brand new, look no further than Perth Surface Solutions!



Our Services

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Make your home shine with our pressure cleaning and stain removal services – your surfaces will look new again. We do offer a range of pressure washing services.

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If you need driveway cleaning in Perth, we can help you make your driveway look great again and also stay looking great for years to come with our pressure washing and sealing services.

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We can help you bring your paved surfaces back to life, including limestone, concrete, granite pavers, and many other surfaces. We’re the experts when it comes to paving cleaning in Perth.

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Cleaning concrete is no exception when it comes to tough cleaning jobs that we can handle. We can clean any types of concrete surfaces, whether it is a vertical concrete wall or concrete flooring.

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Restore the look of your fences or walls when you hire us to remove graffiti. No matter how tough the job is, we can clean your walls without damaging the surface or original paint.

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Get rid of those unsightly bore water stains and marks on your walls or flooring. Our Eco friendly solutions and professional techniques can restore you surfaces.

Expert High pressure cleaning services in perth

Perth Surface Solutions is the top-rated high pressure cleaning service provider in Perth for both residential and commercial properties. We specialise in cleaning all kinds of surfaces – drivewayspavers, pathways, and more. We can also provide bore stain removal and graffiti removal, among others. We are family-owned and operated so you can expect personalised service every single time. As a company that has worked on building our reputation, we strive to exceed client expectations and to maintain that reputation we worked hard to build.

Why waste your time and resources on washing your property – residential or commercial – when you can leave this task to professionals? What can take you days to complete will only take professionals hours to get done. No disruption to your home life or business, only squeaky clean property that makes a good impression!

Your property is your most important asset. And most importantly, it reflects on YOU!

Put your best foot forward and make your property look new again! Learn more about Perth Surface Solutions or request a quote to get started!


Check out some of our recent projects to see the results of our professional high-pressure washing services. Want your property look like the ‘After’ photos? Discover what Perth Surface Solutions can do for your property.

Professional pressure washing services

When we say that we can handle all types of cleaning jobs with our pressure washing services, we mean it! We can restore the look of any surface, no matter how tough the dirt or stain may be. 

Below are some of the surfaces that we can provide cleaning service for:

  • Roofs – we can handle all kinds of roofing surfaces or materials;
  • Walls – we can handle minor to tough stains on your exterior walls or fences;
  • Concrete – we can clean your concrete driveways or pathways;
  • Paving – we can restore the look of your pavers to make them last longer;
  • Liquid Limestone – we can handle cleaning for delicate surfaces such as liquid limestone;
  • Exposed Aggregate – we can restore the look of any porous surfaces such as exposed aggregate;
  • Decks – we can keep your deck looking brand new and maintain a comfortable place for your family to use.

Don’t see your type of surface on this list? Give us a call and we can discuss with you our customised cleaning solutions to fit your needs!


Make the call now to restore the surfaces around your home or commercial property?

We are a reputable company that is top-rated in Perth. We offer highly competitive prices because we believe that quality cleaning should be within your reach! Our years of experience in the industry have enabled us to develop a foolproof system when it comes to tackling all kinds of surfaces. We are confident and can guarantee that our services will be up to your satisfaction.

If you expect quality professional cleaning, that’s our standard! You can rest assured that you will have certified professionals working on your property.

If you are in search of a pressure cleaning service to restore your residential or commercial exterior, call us today or fill out the Get Quote button below!


If you would like a quote on your pressure cleaning, sealing or stain treatment don’t hesitate to call us or fill in the contact form below and we can book in an appointment to quote up the work required.