Bore Stain Removal Services in Perth You Can Trust

Here at Perth Surface Solutions, we take bore water stain removal seriously. It is part of the expert cleaning services that we offer. When you call us in for the job, you can guarantee that we’ll do our best to restore your property back to life.

Perth Surface Solutions: Bore Stain Removal Specialist

We take great pride in the quality of work we do. Being that this is one of the specialty services we offer, we only use specialised equipment to ensure that we can handle any type of stain or surface. No more annoying water marks – your home exterior will look more vibrant and revitalised!

Discover more about why we’re considered as an expert in bore water stain removal.

Before and after of bore water stain removal in perth

Got an Unsightly Bore water Stain?

Bore staining is very common when home owners use a bore water pump which pumps the underground water to the surface for use with their irrigation systems. This water contains iron oxide (or rust) which produce unsightly rust stains on buildings paths and fences . This is common on low lying areas. 

We have developed our own method with the use of commercial high pressure cleaning equipment and solutions to get rid of your unsightly bore stain. When you hire us, you can expect your property to look brand new. Among the types of surfaces that we can treat for bore stain are as follows: 

  • Driveways
  • Pathways
  • Fences
  • Exterior Walls
  • Retaining Walls
  • Limestone Walls
  • Brick Walls
  • Pavements, etc. 

Need a cleaning job for any other surface or part of your home aside from the ones listed below? Make sure to talk to us and we’ll cater to your n

How to Remove a Bore Stain?

The removal of bore stains requires the use of non-toxic chemicals for cleaning stains, along with high pressure washing. The combination of these two ensures that you can restore the look of any surface at home. But investing on cleaning chemicals and high pressure washer can be expensive, not to mention difficult for the uninitiated.  

Worry no more – Perth Surface Solutions has you covered! Our bore water stain removal techniques are a product of years of study and experience on the field. We know what works and what doesn’t! Stop wasting your time – call us in for a superb cleaning job. We can get rid of the unsightly bore stain from your home without hassle or effort on your part. 

This can be an add on to our paving cleaning or concrete cleaning services. Call us today to learn more about our process!

What Causes a Bore Stain?

Bore stains are common on homes and commercial buildings throughout Perth, and other parts of Western Australia. When the underground water source comes into contact with any surface on your home or building (such as driveway or pathway), it can leave substances such as iron oxide (rust) onto the surface. While the stain it leaves behind is minimal, it can become visible when it builds up over time. 

No matter the cause or the surface, there is no denying that the presence of stains and marks are unsightly and diminish the aesthetic value of your property. Try our bore water stain removal services today!

Why Choose Us?

Are you sick and tired of those unsightly water marks? Get in touch with us today!

We bring the ultimate solution for all of your cleaning needs, especially when it comes to bore stain removal in Perth. Whatever type of cleaning, we can handle it. Book an appointment or request a quote so you can keep your home looking brand new. 

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