Concrete is the most widely used construction material. As such, it is not uncommon to find concrete surfaces in residential homes and commercial properties (such as industrial spaces or warehouses). It is a great flooring option because it is durable and can look attractive, depending on its use. But concrete cleaning is no easy task! This is a hard-wearing surface but it can also be tough to clean, especially if the stain has penetrated the porous surface.

When you cannot, or simply do not have the time, to do it yourself, we can take it on for you! At Perth Surface Solutions, we are not known as the best high pressure cleaning service in Perth for nothing. We take great pride in our reputation as being the concrete cleaning experts in Perth.

You can enjoy the concrete surface in its best possible condition. We have a cleaning solution for all kinds of concrete surfaces, such as your driveways, pathways, sidewalks, car parks, warehouses, or dumpster pads. Whatever it is, we can make it look new again!

Before and after of concrete cleaning


There is no cleaning job that we cannot handle. When we say that we are the concrete cleaning authority, we mean it. At Perth Surface Solutions, we can restore almost any kind of concrete surface, such as the following:

  • Troweled Concrete – Troweled concrete features a hard and dense surface that is also smooth. If you want to retain that smoothness for a long time, expert cleaning can maintain this type of surface.
  • Exposed Aggregate – An exposed aggregate concrete surface is the best choice for highly trafficked areas, such as driveways or pathways. To make it last even longer and to keep them looking new all the time, we used specialized techniques for this type of cleaning job.
  • Polished Concrete – Polished concrete is gaining popularity as a flooring material because it can mimic the look of ceramic tiles, but less expensive and more durable. Make this investment last with our professional services so that you can extend its life span.

Save yourself the time, effort and money and let our professional team take over the job so you can enjoy the best possible condition on your concrete flooring!

Not Just Concrete!

We have created the standard for concrete cleaning in the industry. From maintenance cleaning to hard cleaning jobs to remove years of accumulated stains, we make the job easy! If you have other types of surfaces at home or your business, aside from concrete, we are also capable of delivering the cleaning service you want.

These are the other types of surfaces we can handle cleaning for:

  • Liquid Limestone – This is a popular choice in Western Australia, including Perth. There is a natural character to it but requires expert cleaning as it is porous and quite delicate.
  • Asphalt and Bitumen – These two types of surface options are traditional choices but have their own set of pro’s and con’s. If you use any of these surfaces, our expert cleaners can customize the cleaning approach so as not to aggravate the quality and integrity of the surface.
  • Brick Paving – The use of brick paving is popular in residential and commercial properties because of its decorative appeal. But it requires proper maintenance as dirt and stains can get in between the bricks, and only pressure cleaning and proper cleaning solutions can get the job done.
concrete cleaning

Concrete Sealing Services

Can we provide concrete sealing services? Yes, we can!

Different types of concrete surfaces require sealing in order to preserve its appearance and to protect it from staining, or other possible causes of damage. Everyday spills or wear and tear is not uncommon, especially with surfaces that get heavy foot traffic.

Sealing your concrete surfaces is also a good investment because it will make your flooring or surfaces easy to maintain. It will help prevent deep-penetrating stains that are stubborn to clean and sometimes impossible to restore to its original state.

If you want to seal your concrete surfaces, our team will be able to help. Once we have finished cleaning your concrete surface, our team can finish it off with a sealing process so you can save on maintenance.

Call Us for Your Concrete Cleaning Needs in Perth

With professional-grade pressure cleaning equipment and experienced cleaners, there is no stain or dirt too stubborn for us. We only see the potential to make your surfaces look “like new” again.

We handle all concrete surfaces and all kinds of cleaning jobs – maintenance or tough cleaning. Give us a call today! Or click on the request a quote button and our knowledgeable and friendly staff will be in touch to assist with your needs! We welcome questions and bookings.