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Dirty and stained paving is no good for your home. It makes your home look dirty and unattractive. Curb appeal is important. And it makes sense to maintain the beauty of your home as it can also keep your home value up. Is there a buildup of moss or dirt on your pavers? Are weeds starting to grow between them? Are stains starting to show on the surface?

We are the solution you’re looking for – Perth Surface Solutions! It is our goal to keep your home looking its best. We understand that cleaning your pavers is laborious and time-consuming. No need to do-it-yourself as we offer the best pavement cleaning services in Perth  you can find!

No more weeds, stains, or dirt. We’ll make your pavers look brand new again! And it’s not just for residential pavers – we can also up the curb appeal for business properties that need a bit of sprucing up!

Paving Cleaning Perth

Types of Paving Cleaning We Offer

As the one-stop solution for all things paver cleaning, with our commercial grade pressure washing equipment we can handle all kinds of pavers. Below are some of the types of pavers that we can clean: 

  • Clay Pavers – This is the most common type of pavers available, especially for residential use. It is easy to maintain and is hard-wearing, but regular maintenance is still a must.
  • Concrete Pavers – Just like clay pavers, regular maintenance and high pressure washing should be enough to keep your concrete pavers looking solid.
  • Stone Pavers – Grout and dirt can easily collect over stone pavers. Cleaning it with high pressure washer is vital to keep it looking brand new.
  • Limestone Pavers – Limestone pavers should be maintained with high pressure cleaner. This is a great way to get rid of stubborn grime that could easily collect on the surface.
  • Exposed Aggregate Pavers – This type of paver can easily collect dust, dirt, and other kinds of debris. Sealing is also recommended so you can maintain it for a long time.
  • Travertine pavers – Mold can easily develop on the surface and pores of the travertine pavers. Pressure washing is one way to ensure that you not only clean the surface but also what’s beneath it.

Is your paver not included in the list? Don’t worry – get in touch with us as we can tailor our services to meet your specific needs!

The benefits of cleaning and sealing your pavers

Cleaning your pavers is not enough. It’s only the first step in protecting your pavers to make them last, and to look brand new. We can also seal your pavers too!

These are the benefits to sealing pavers:

  • It inhibits growth of weeds and grass
  • It prevents moss growth
  • It deters insects
  • It makes cleaning easier
  • It protects against sun damage
  • It reduces the amount of wear and tear on the surface
  • It repels oil and other sources of stains
  • It enhances the brightness and texture of the pavers
  • It protects against harsh weather conditions
  • It ensures long lasting beauty for your pavers

Want to protect your pavers? Don’t hesitate to call us!

paving cleaning and sealing in Perth

Why Choose Us to Clean Your Paving?

Hiring a professional to clean your paved driveway or paving at home is a no-brainer. Why spend hours or days trying to rid of unsightly stains on your brick pavers or driveways? And yet you can never fully replicate the results of a cleaning professional – so why bother? Call us and we’ll get the job done for you. We are fully equipped with the tools needed for the job, plus an expert team with years of experience in the paving cleaning industry.

Save your time and get the results you want. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy a beautifully maintained outdoor surface while also adding more value to your home (or business).

Every paver cleaning job that we do comes with a comprehensive consultation with our clients. We want to make sure that we achieve exactly what our clients want. We customise our pavement cleaning to match the type of pavers you have, as well as the environmental conditions or extent of use of the space. Our goal is to make the results last to give more value for your money!

Paving sealing

Get in Touch for Expert Paver Cleaning in Perth!

Help us transform your paving and give it a brand new look. Your paved driveway or alfresco area is the first thing that people will notice about your home, or business. Keeping it clean and sealed is a good investment!

Say no to time-consuming and laborious DIY cleaning jobs! Say yes to professional paving cleaning in Perth with Perth Surface Solutions. Request your quote today to see just how competitive our prices are. We make sure that professional quality cleaning does not have to break the bank. 

Call 0417-949-386 to get your free quote or to book an appointment. We’d love bring them pavers back to life!